A vibrant, independent media is essential to get the Afghan people and international community the critical information and understanding they need. Female journalists and media professionals are indispensable to a healthy media ecosystem. 

We support high-quality training and mentorship for female journalists across Afghanistan. These programs include training in digital journalism and safety, income support, mental health support, and mentorship. These female journalists have created impactful stories on child labor, air pollution, saffron cultivation in Herat, and arrests of women in Kabul. 

Mitra Majeedy, a program participant, created an investigative report on child labor. She won the 2024 Afghanistan Journalist of the Year Award from the Afghanistan Journalists Centre. 

Afghan women are a critical backbone of the economy. There is a great need for more support for women creating small businesses, jobs, and economic growth. 

We are supporting programs enabling female entrepreneurs to build their skills and capacity including in product development, finance, and marketing. Recent research from the UN shows that small investments can lead to steady returns supporting women and their families. 

At the same time, we are demonstrating to Afghans around the country that, despite many challenges, women can succeed in business.

Stand With Afghan Women

Help us support Afghan women to reach their potential.